Customer First Kiosk Content

Engage your customers with meaningful interactive kiosk or digital signage content and give your on-site customers the best possible customer experience at your premises.

Ultimate Content Management

Deliver up-to-date kiosk content to your customers every minute of the day. Let customers know what's new, what's hot, what's on, what's next.

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keep in-store customers informed with current kiosk content

Interactive Content 24/7

Enhance customer engagement with interactive content.

ease of use and interactive kiosk content keeps customers engaged

Powerful Kiosk Content Authoring

The Infopacer app includes its own powerful kiosk content authoring tool. Where desired, Infopacer can seamlessly work together with its sister product TouchPresenter for kiosk content creation and edits.

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create and edit kiosk content directly with the Infopacer kiosk app

Price Plans

Select between three basic price plans.

For kiosk rollouts with higher kiosk quantities or different subscription periods, please request a quote.

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