The Infopacer app delivers new or edited kiosk content to your kiosk fleet. Easy. Fast. Without geographical limitations.

Infopacer brings kiosk content to life

With the Infopacer kiosk app at your side, it takes only a few moments of initial set-up to publish the beautiful kiosk content your team just created to any number of kiosks anywhere in the world.

  • Infopacer helps bringing kiosk content to where it counts the most: In front of your customers.

  • After the initial set-up, sit back and let Infopacer keep on synchronizing kiosk content and monitoring kiosk uptime.

Create and publish  beautiful kiosk content to kiosks anywhere

Better kiosk management with Infopacer

Infopacer is built to help you efficiently put together a broad variety of content materials for presentation in a self-service kiosk or digital signage, and then publish, update and synchronize the content.

  • Make kiosk content stand out with Infopacer

    Makes content stand out

    Create compelling digital content directly with Infopacer.

  • Publish kiosk content worldwide in just moments

    Publishes kiosk content

    Easily publish new and updated kiosk content to your kiosks at the click of a button.

  • Edit, update, and sysnchronize kiosk content with the Infopacer app

    Keeps kiosk content updated

    Infopacer constantly synchronizes the master project with what is displayed on the kiosks.

  • Monitor kiosk uptime and get notified when a kiosk is down

    Bonus feature: Monitors kiosk uptime

    Get notified when one or more of your kiosks experience a downtime.

Create kiosk content that stands out with Infopacer
Publish and re-publish kiosk content with Infopacer
Infopacer synchronizes content so all kiosks show the same content
Get notified when a kiosk experiences a downtime

Hasslefree Kiosk Update

Infopacer synchronizes kiosk content, so the updates your team applies to the master project instantly appear on the kiosks.

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